Recover Android Phone Data from Memory Card

Have you ever come across with photo loss issue from android devices and memory card? Searching for an effective solution to recover your lost Android phone data from from memory card? Well if so then there is no need to worry about, as your search has eventually ended here.


Those days have gone when mobile phone was only used to making calls and texting . With the increase in the technology android smartphone have literally changed the life style of people. Apart from making calls one can do lots of stuffs with the use of android smartphone such as capture photos, record videos, browsing the internet, keeping important data, playing heavy graphic games and much more. Since android smartphone releases, it wins the heart of almost people around the world. So in one word we can say it is a generation of android smartphone.

There are various brands of android smartphone are available in the market which has gained huge popularity in short span of time due to their user friendly interface, elegant design, excellent performance and smart specifications. Some of the popular brands of android smartphone are Samsung, Sony xperia, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, Asus. Motorolla, Lava, etc. All these android smartphone provides enough memory space to store plenty of data. One can store various types of data including photos, videos, movies, audio and other valuable data with ease. Android smartphone also provides memory card slot where you can use memory card to store large voluminous of data without any trouble. So more and more user uses memory card to store large amount of data.

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However with the increase in the technology data loss issue is still exist. User lose their valuable data including photos, videos, audios and other precious data from the android smartphone internal memory as well as phone memory card unexpectedly. Usually user might lose their crucial data from phone internal memory during upgrading of OS, restore factory settings, software or hardware failure etc. Apart from internal memory, photos, videos and other valuable data also gets deleted from phone memory card in various circumstances. As we all know memory card is an electronic flash drive used to store huge amount of data. It is used to store not only data but it is also used to transfer data to other storage devices.

Well, there are various types of memory card are available in the market such as SD card, CF card, XD card, Micro SD card, memory stick, mini XD card etc. As memory card are secure and reliable storage devices but it also don’t ensures the security of stored data since data loss is a common issue in the digital world. Well there are various reason due to which user might encounter with data loss issue on memory card such as accidental deletion, Unintentional formatting of memory card, memory card corruption, severe virus invasion, ejection of memory card from the device abruptly and interruption while transferring data from memory card to PC.

How to Recover Lost Data from Memory Card:

memory cardWhen user lose their valuable data from Phone memory card can be very annoying and heart breaking because it takes lots of time and effort to store them.  Though, there are some memories attach with photos which cannot be click again. In that case, people wants recovery of their lost photos. To get back the lost data user would start wondering over the internet for several possible ways. The problem starts when they got effective tools and got confused which one is appropriate because most of them are not trust worthy and indulged with some malicious activities. But don’t be sad and frustrate now you are capable to recover all lost or deleted data from memory card by dint of Memory card recovery software.

Although you can also take help from backup file. Consider if you don’t have backup file. How will you recover lost data from memory card? Well at this critical moment only third part memory card recovery software can help you to recover lost photos from memory card due to any reason. Memory card recovery software is the name that comes out of every professional expert when you ask any questions regarding recovering of lost data from any storage devices. Since memory card recovery software release in the market, it has gained huge popularity in less time. It is an ultimate solution that recovers all lost or deleted data from phone memory card in hassle free manner. No matter what ever the reason are liable for deletion of data, this tool brings all data safely with in few seconds.

Salient Features of Memory Card Recovery Software

  1. Memory card recovery software is compatible with all versions of windows system as well as Mac also.
  2. This software is easy to install and run.
  3. The software is having strong ability to recover lost photos, videos, audios and other data from corrupted, formatted and damaged memory card.
  4. It recovers all lost media files easily from different brand of memory card such as Sandisk, Transcend, Sony etc.
  5. The tool recovers all lost data from different brands of android devices like Samsung, HTC, Asus, Sony, Motorolla and many more.

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