Recover Lost or Deleted Music Collections From Memory Card

musicOver the past decade memory card has been using by millions of people for storing large voluminous data including Images, movies, music, documents, videos and other important data. It is an electronic flash drive used to store huge amount of data with ease. Today most of the digital devices like smartphone, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders. Video games consoles etc uses memory card to expand its internal memory space. In the recent time there are various brand of memory card are available in the market such as Sandisk, Lexar and other brand among which sandisk and lexar are the most commonly used memory card today. This is because it offers various significant features which wins the heart of almost user’s. One can store huge collection of music, images, movies, videos and other documents with ease. As a secure and reliable memory card. Sandisk and lexar memory card also don’t give 100% assurance of security of user data. So your precious data can be deleted at any point of time. What you will do when you lose your music collections from sandisk , lexar and other memory card without having backup file. Well to overcome from this critical moment, we recommend you to use memory card recovery software.

Well, before discussing about recovery process let’s have a glimpses about the causes that are highly responsible for deletion of data from memory card. There are various causes that are highly responsible for deletion of data from the memory card , take a look:

  • Accidental deletion: It is one of the most common reason due to which user might lose their crucial data from the memory card. Generally user lose their valuable data while deleting unwanted data from the memory card by pressing “Delete All” commands.
  • Accidental formatting: As well all know formatting is the process of erasing entire data from the storage device. So unintentional formatting might lead the deletion of data from memory card.
  • Severe malware attack: When your memory card gets corrupted due to severe malware attack then you might encounter with data loss issue.
  • File transfer: Any interruption occurs at the time of transferring data from memory card to computer then you may lose your crucial data unexpectedly.
  • Memory card damage: You can lose your essential data from memory card when your memory card gets damaged due to abruptly removing the memory card from the devices when any file is being accessed.

In order to recover all lost data from memory card you should stop using the memory card immediately to write any new data on it. This is because when your precious data gets deleted from memory card, it won’t goes forever infact they are present in the some corner of the device but you cannot see them. So after deletion when you add new data on it then new data will over write the space of deleted data thus at this moment recovery becomes impossible.

How to Recover Music Collections from Memory Card

However no natter whatever the reason for deletion of data from memory card, the most eminent memory card recovery software is here. The software has been designed and developed under the guidance of expert professionals. It is developed with robust and advance technologies which assist you to recover all lost/deleted/formatted/corrupted photos from memory card in hassle free manner. It comes with advance scanning algorithm that recovers all lost or deleted data from memory card in just one scan. Th e tool is capable to recover all multimedia files from any storage devices like USB cards, flash memory card, flash cards, cell, phones, floppy drive, hard drive, smartphone etc. The tool is able to retrieve media files from various memory card format such as SD card, XD card, CF card, miniXD, microSD etc in short span of time. It is easy to use this software as it comes with user friendly interface that provide thumbnail of recoverable data .

Salient Features of Photo Recovery Software

  • The software is compatible with all version of MAC and windows system.
  • The software is quiet simple to use.
  • The tool is compatible with all windows system and MAC system.
  • It recovers all lost or deleted audio, videos, images in various format such as jpg, mpeg, tiff, avi, mp3, gif, bmp etc.
  • The software has strong capability to recover music, photos, videos from corrupted, damaged memory card.
  • It shows the preview of files after completion of the advance scan so that you can easily select the files that you need to recover.
  • It also help you to make backup.
  • It retrieves all lost data from various memory card brands like Sandisk, Lexar, Sony, Transcend, Samsung etc.

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